There will be different options

If you are a Video Content Provider go to the link below:

Other ways let's  explain:

To advertise in this page there are two options:

1.- As usual, so in the different sections of the page we may open space for it as every web page.  In this regard, please contact us sending an email to "feedback@towatchnow" indicating you interest on it. So we may agreed in terms of the registered users and visits to the page a fair fee for your specific language. Also we are expecting to get in contact with regular path like google to allow bringing advertasing in this web page.

2.- Your complete promo in "SOURCES" section. At this point in that section there are only the indication for video content sources, but when the first came up, we will open in it a new section "SHOP HARDWARE" witch it will allow to providers of hardware and services promote their products. It will be defined by language and country, so users or visitors to TOWATCHNOW may find where to buy a new TV set, a HDMI cable to connect laptop/PC to TV set, a Chromcast, a tablet, smartphone or whatever you want to advertise. In it the link to your page will be added, also a video link could be added as you wish (The link where the video is available because TOWATCHNOW does not host any video). Also as description your slogan or the message that you want.