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11.- Search for specific user

  • Use the search to find an user'contents which are of your interest. For example those belonging to your teacher/trainer.
  • Find their video contents using his/her user name to search. And save the content for your usage,
  • Go to the search icon, then type the user´s name and "Search".
  • Result will show you all "Public" contents for that user.
  • In this case, instead of select, you type the name of the user and search

This way to search is very powerful for education/training where a Teacher/Trainer saved as "Public" all those contents that Students/Trainees must watch. 

Go to the link to get more info:


Also valid for a group of people that want to share video contents among them. 

Go to the link to get more info:


And for sure, for your entertaiment.  

Go to the link to get more info:


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