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15.- Notice about saving 'Public' or 'Private' video contents

You can save as "Public" all those video contents that providers like YouTube and others have the option to delete a content that may violate an "Intellectual Proporty Right". As result, when you go there, the content could not be available anymore because of the request of the owner of the content, and provider respect that right¡

In this regards, please do not make as "Public" a video content that it does not follow that rule. You may find on the wed pages that offers you TV Shows/ Movies for free/paid that are not allowed to deliver such contents with the explicit authorization of the owner of the contents. In that case, keep those Video contents as "Private"

If you make as "Public" a video content which lack of that principle, TWN WILL delete the link per the request of the owner of the video content.

If the user persists on saving contents as "Public" under that situation, the user will be deleted without any notification or warning. Deleting contents by TWN is an advice enought to take note¡


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