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16.- Save your preferred Video Sources

  • Save it in "My Preferred videos Source" Category when you fill out the form.
  • Save as "Privite" all sources that you want, even more if it is already available in the "Source" section of the page. Additionally, to avoid any "Intellectual Property Right" conflict, please save as "Private" any video source that you may find on the web by your own.
  • However feel free to send us an email to:"> proposing all video sources that they could be inetesting for TWN users in general.
  • If the picture is available in this page, you may save it following the instructions for a video content.
  • Take into account your limits about Global/ Country video providers. You are not allowed to watch "abc network" video contents if you are not in USA territory, for example.
  • Possibly you are paying for a TV cable operator in your country. Save it because the VOD services could be part of your subscription. Ask your TV cable provider about it if you have any doubt about it.
  • In your country, the TV networks may offer contents out of the schedule. So you can watch it even it was delivered on air days ago. Save in your folder the link to look if there is something interesting to watch.
  • And for sure, time to time, go again to the "Sources" to look if a new video source has been added where you could look what to watch¡


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