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7.- Consideration about Video Content and Video Sources

They are for free at Global level like those delivered by YouTube, many of Vimeo, etc.
They are for free at Global level for the language that you have selected.
They are for free but only those video contents are available in your country.
They are for free and you have to register into the Video Source page as user.
They can be for rent/ buy at Global Level for the language that you select like MS Store and others. Of cause, you need to pay for. You will need to create an user for billing.
They can be watch only if you have a subscription with the Video Source delivering the contents, like your TV Cable Operator in your country, your Netflix subscription, etc. Most TV Cable operators allow to subscribers use VOD services as part of the subscription.

  • Considering the limitation indicated above, you may save your preferred "Video Sources" in a place easy to find. Within "Genres" there is an option to save/filter called "My favourite video sources"
  • To save your favourite video sources will be explained later.


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