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Some aspects to be considered:

1.- About the usage of the logos:

As indicated in every page where your logos are showed, please let us know if you are not agreed with that (Show your logo) sending an email to "" and we will proceed to remove it from the page. In the same way, let us know if you prefer that a different one should be showed instead of the one currently used.

2.- About the user name in the page and HOME/ SOURCES sections:

As you can see, many of the contents have associated an user name like #YouTube, #Vimeo, #DirecTV Latam, etc, etc. When the page was created, the majority of the names of the video content providers worldwide were blocked by us in order to avoid the usage of your brand by other users different from you or us. So we are willing to transfer to you the user name under some conditions:

  1. You need to proof that your are the legitime owner of the brand or have authorization to become the responsible to manage the user name in behalf of the owner.
  2. To do so, please send us an email to ""  indicating your name, responsibility within the organization and a phone number to contact you in order to start a verification process.
  3. When you become the new owner of the user name you will be able to include in the page the contents that you would like to promote, or the best of your contents to be accessible for all users of the page just under your brand (User name).
  4. The usage of the user name will have also the benefit to allow your company to promote your contents (promos) in the section HOME, which is under the control of the page. That section is independent of the most new, commented, liked or watched which are changing according users preferences. But in the HOME section the contents are set by TOWATCHNOW. So there we can include, in behalf of you, a video (promo) to show to the users what you are offering, a promotion of a new content, etc. You will have the option to set 1 promo every month. 
  5. To do so, you must provide the name of the content, a short description and the link where the content is available (TAWATCHNOW does not host any video contents).
  6. The presentation in HOME section will be for a unique language that you select. If you provide contents in different languages, each of them will be treated individually even you have a single user name.
  7. The position of your promo in HOME section will be addressed bellow.

Same situation like HOME applies for SOURCES section where is the link to your home page.

  1. In this regard, because TOWATCHNOW have full control over SOURCES section, your logo/link will be addressed as done in HOME section.
  2. If you deliver contents in different languages/regions, it will be showed in each of them according the rules indicated below in section 3.
  3. Additionally, a link to the promo that you select (it could be different than available in HOME) will be included, so when a user goes to your link, he/she will have the option to go directly to your home page or watch the promo.
  4. In this section will have the option to change the promo up to 5 times each month.
  5. On top of that, the short description as video conter provider will be indicated by you instead as of now: "General video content provider" can change for your slogan or other message that you want.

3.- About the fees for the usage of user name, promos in HOME/SOURCES sections and the position in them:

  1. Related to the fee it will depend on the amount of registered users in the page and the amounts of visits to the pages for each specific language. In this regard, if a content provider delivers contents in different languages, this process will apply to each language or region. It includes the ownership of user name and the presentation in HOME and SOURCES sections. 
  2. Related to the position in the HOME and SOURCES sections, every month an auction will take place for each specific language being the baseline the normal fee according the statement indicated above, then the position will be established from the biggest offer (for the first position) and so on according final results. If there is a situation of same offering, a separated auction will take place with the participants in that situation, being the baseline the value offered in the initial auction. In the case of no final result in the new auction, basically the position will be given for same relative position in the previous month.
  3. All fee details will be provided at the moment when verification process end (item 2.a stated above) and someboby has authority to commit on behalf of the content provider.


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