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The purposes for which TO WATCH NOW manages your personal date are the following:


-       Maintenance of the relationship established between the user and TO WATCH NOW

-       Have at your disposal a user account in TO WATCH NOW

-       Management, administration, extension and improvement of the services to which the users decide sign in.

-       Adapt the services offered to the preferences and expectation of users

-       Delivery of commercial communications and promotions from TO WATCH NOW

-       Use of personal e-mail, for validation of your account TO WATCH NOW, as well as recovery of password or user name.


TO WATCH NOW, informs you that we manage automatically this data for the purposes indicated above.


In all case, the data collected and treated is only the indispensable to comply with the purposes described previously.


To access the web site it is not necessary to provide any details. However, for the register and have an account on, it is necessary that the user provide data in the form on the web site.


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