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It will be a powerful tool for teachers/students or trainers/trainees to support the development of a new language/ skill/ knowledge/ etc, using video contents available on the web. It is for example students learning a new language watching video contents in such language per teacher´s recommendation or assignment. Same for the development of specific skill. So it may work as follow:

Following required steps

From teacher / trainer side:

Teacher/Trainer creates his/her user account in the page.
Teacher/Trainer selects from all available on the web the recommended video contents. (movies, videos, conferences, presentations, etc) being provided by different video content sources.
Then save the links and other information as “Public” in "My Videos" using the own user account in this page.

Instead of select a language when saving them, select "Z- Education Trial", located at the end of the list.
Indicate the sequence, priority, timeframe to watch each selected video content using the "Description" field.
Include any additional comment as needed for better usage of the content.
Provide to the students/trainees teacher’s user name in this page.

From students/ trainees side:

Create an user account in the this page or Sign in.

Instead of select a language, select "Z- Education Trial" located at the end of the list.
Perform a search in the page using as  key words the teacher/trainer´s user name.
The search will show all “Public” contents saved by referred user´s name in the page, under "Z- Education Trial" .
Students/Trainees then save in “My favourites” all the links of the contents as required just clicking on  icon available at the right top of every video content.
Students/Trainees watch video contents following the given instructions.
Students/Trainees are able to add comments to each specific content to provide feedback/ information to others in the group using "Comment" option. 
To learn how to get all this done go to the Tutorial available in the link below:

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