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Use for Entertainment

The entertaiment is an important part of your life, and TWN is a tool that will help you to get it faster and better, allowing you to have in a single place the links of your preferred video contents like movies, TV shows, documentaries, and any kind of video contents that you may like to watch. And it happens independent of the browser, the divice and the video source. 

Following required steps

Find what to watch:


.         Select a "Languague" for the video content to watch. The icon is located at the right top of the page. As default, "English" language has been set up. However in the same icon you can select among many available in the page.

·         Take a look in the HOME page what is recommended by other users like you for selected language. To go there, just click on and it will send you to the home page.


.          Just select again a language and it will show you all video contents available in the page for that specific language. Using the "Genres" you can filter the type of content that you may like to watch. The page will show the video contents starting from the latest added


·         go to the “SOURCES”, and select one, either those which are Global or within preferred language/country, either for free or the one(s) that you are paying for. Then search in it for a content to watch,


·         go to “My Videos” or "My Favourites" and take a look at your saved links previously,


·         make a search within the page providing as key words your preferred video content sources name, free or paid. The result will show you all contents available in the page for the indicated content source or used key words.


·         make your own search out of the page with other video content providers that you may know or find


For all options above select a video content to watch. Make sure that you are allowed to watch it (may need subscription/ rent/ buy/ register, etc). Do as required if you want to watch it, or search for another one.


  Manage the link of the video content that you have watched:


·         Save the link in “My Videos” if you think that you may like to watch it again in the future, or you would like to share it with other users, so:

        -   just click in the  ♥ icon available in the content presented in the page to save it in "My Favourites"


        -   click in "ADD FAVOURITE" in "My Videos" page and fill out the required form to save the link in "My Videos” if it is not presented in the page.

·         when you fill out the form make the link that you save as “Public”  if you would like to share it with other users of the page. Keep as “Private” if you do not like to, or must not make it so.

·         provide your feedback about the “Public” contents adding comments or valuations. So other user will have your opinion about the content.

To get this done go to the Tutorial in the link presented below:

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