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Entertaiment is important



1.- Select  "English" as Language at the right top of the page to define such language of the video content to watch.

2.- Click on every time that you want to look all available genres like Movies and Documentaries, TV Shows, Entertainment, News/ Information and Sports.

3.- Go to the proposed genres and look all available contents for them. Going for the proposed section in each of them you can find specific contents to visit. It will show you all contents available in the page for such language.

4.- You can use "Genre" to identify specific type of content: Movies, TV Shows, documentary, etc.

5.- To access to the content just click on the big arrow at the center of the image. A new tab will be opened in the page where such content is located on the web.

6.- If you want to save the link of a content, just click on  icon located at the right top of the image. All information will be for you in  your "My Favourite" folder if you are registered to watch it anytime.

7.- If you did not find a content to watch, you can click on "Sources" where several video providers are proposed and you can search there for a video content to watch.

8.- Also you can go to other video sources that you know or find.

9.- Click on "SAVE FAVOURITE" to save new contents in the page. They will be available in your "My Videos" folder if you are registered, to watch them anytime.

10. When you save a content, do it as "Public" if you want to share it with all users of the page.


Go to the link below to know more how to use the page.

Additionally, using TOWATCHNOW,  your PC/Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone may become a new set up box better than you have now beside your TV set.

Go to the link below to know in detail how to do it.


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